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Writing and Editing

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Got a unique story to tell, but not sure where to begin? Yolanda Y. Harris, formerly a news reporter, is a great storyteller and writer. She takes complex topics and makes them easy to understand. She ensures that copy flows and adheres to appropriate style guidelines.

Writing Samples

A published article in Citizen on a small local developer in Englewood and the resources of the Cook County Land Bank Authority.

A published article for the Illinois Department of Human Services' "Healing Illinois" blog, which highlights racial healing activities in Illinois.

A promotional article on effective job hunting and state of Illinois employment services.

Editing Samples

Following are reports where Yolanda Y. Harris served as editor:

A 20-page strategy report for the Forest Preserves of Cook County for land acquisition in southeast Cook County. Report is a 2020 Chicago River Blue Award winner. 

The Illinois Department of Employment Security's annual report  for the Illinois General Assembly. 

A bimonthly online economic journal for the Illinois Department of Employment Security

Yolanda Y. Harris managed the production, content, editing and design of this publication.  

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