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What makes Yolanda Y. Harris different from most communicators and marketers is that she is skilled in developing marketing communications strategies. Trained in the science of integrated marketing communications, Yolanda Y. Harris brings a unique perspective and skill to communications planning.


She understands that building an effective communications strategy starts with understanding the needs, desires and behaviors of targeted consumers. She applies this principle not only to marketing communications strategies but also to internal communications and public relations strategies as well.

Take a look at a couple of case studies below.

"Yolanda Harris transformed our statistics into customer-focused information. Her marketing savvy and brand development helped increase our market penetration by over 200 percent annually."

—Henry Jackson, former deputy director, Economic Information and Analysis Division, Illinois Department of Employment Security

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago


Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago desired to increase awareness of its homebuying and lending services in the spring of 2019.



As a Rudd Resources consultant, Yolanda Y. Harris conducted an analysis of NHS of Chicago's services as well as primary and secondary research on the organization's  target market and  competitive landscape. Yolanda and her colleagues used that research and resulting insights to develop a marketing campaign consisting of billboards, radio and digital ads and direct mail postcards. Messaging targeted first-time African-American and Latino home buyers and featured the slogan, "Your Path to Home Ownership."


The  "Your Path to Home Ownership" campaign drew 3,000 page views to a specially-created landing page in a six-week period and increased daily audience reach on Facebook to 263 from 12 in a six-week period.

Illinois Department of Employment Security



The Illinois Department of Employment Security, also known as IDES, has a wealth of labor market information and career resources and wanted to attract more interest in its resources. Yolanda Y. Harris collaborated with a marketing company to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing communications strategy.




At the center of our strategy was research involving an in-depth analysis of IDES' labor market information resources and competition and primary research on users of labor market information. Research revealed that the average person was not familiar with the term "labor market information." So we developed a new brand  for IDES' labor market information resources: "One Source: Your source for workforce and career information in Illinois."

The resulting strategy included segmented messaging for IDES' multiple targeted audiences (educators, economists, economic developers, job seekers) via radio and newspaper ads and informational videos.




The campaign triggered a quadrupling of visits to IDES' web portal for labor market information.

Written and designed by Yolanda Y. Harris, Communications Strategist