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Public Relations

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A Case Study

Cook County Land Bank Authority Rebuilding Communities, Empowering Small Businesses 


The Cook County Land Bank Authority's third annual home giveaway.  Photo by Yolanda Y. Harris


  • Increase awareness of the Cook County Land Bank Authority's work revitalizing  communities *

  • Educate the public about abandoned properties that are available for purchasing and rehabbing through the Land Bank

  • ​30 earned media placements in a nine-month period 

  • 34 percent increase in applications for the Land Bank's properties 

  • Front-page coverage of the Land Bank's 500th property rehab in the Chicago Tribune


  • Publicized the Land Bank's third annual home giveaway, its 500th property rehab and the debut of its newly-constructed housing for people with disabilities

  • Told the stories of local developers, home buyers and businesses who had purchased abandoned properties from the Land Bank


The Cook County Land Bank Authority's  500th property rehab in November of 2019. Featured rehabber is Dajuan Robinson.  Photo by Yolanda Y. Harris

*Note: Yolanda Y. Harris provided PR services to the Cook County Land Bank Authority as a consultant for Rudd Resources LLC.

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