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Digital Marketing

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Yolanda Y. Harris engages a variety of digital marketing tactics for her clients, including email marketing, blog writing, video and social media content.




A Case Study

The Chicago Community Trust's "On the Table" sparks civic engagement and a community of advocacy on Facebook


Build and engage a social media community centered around The Chicago Community Trust’s 2018 "On the Table, " an annual daylong event where thousands of people across Chicagoland participate in community-based civic conversations on issues most important to them.


Developed and managed a blog highlighting people who hosted On the Table conversations and organized civic activities.

  • Created an editorial calendar of Facebook and Twitter content on the initiative.

  • Kept the Facebook group engaged with regulars posts about On the Table activities


  • Grew the On the Table Facebook group from zero to 400 followers within a three-month period.


  • Inspired hundreds of conversations within the group and more than 3,000 reactions. 

Global GirlsFBpost.jpg

*Note: Yolanda Y. Harris provided  digital marketing services to The Chicago Community Trust as a consultant for Rudd Resources LLC.

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