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Digital Marketing

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Yolanda Y. Harris engages a variety of digital marketing tactics for organizations, including email marketing, blog writing, video and social media content.




A Case Study

Senior Lifestyle providing quality living for seniors

  • Build engagement on Senior Lifestyle's social media platforms.

  • Increase the number of followers on social media channels.

  • Conducted a competitive analysis of Senior Lifestyle's social media content.

  • Developed content recommendations, which included diversifyng content, incorporating more educational content, featuring more human-interest content and incorporating a tagging and hashtag strategy. 

  • Created an engaging social media campaign celebrating the company's 37th anniversary.

  • More than tripled engagement on LinkedIn

  • Attracted an additional 1,000 followers on LinkedIn within a two-month period.

*Note: Yolanda Y. Harris performed these digital marketing services as public relations manager of Senior Lifestyle.

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