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“When Rudd Resources has engaged Yolanda on projects that call for excellent storytelling, she has always delivered.  Her background as a Medill-trained journalist, a PR agency executive and a nonprofit communications manager means that she can see stories from different perspectives, looking for both assets and gaps, and weaving facts and perspectives. The results are that she writes stories that are all-around winners: informative, interesting, ready to post, and ready to pitch to news media.”

- Kimberley Rudd, president and senior counselor, Rudd Resources LLC

Got a unique story to tell, but not sure where to begin? Yolanda Y. Harris, formerly a news reporter, is a great storyteller and writer. Whether she's handling internal communications or writing for external audiences, Yolanda Y. Harris writes compelling content. She takes complex topics and makes them easy to understand. She ensures that copy flows and adheres to appropriate style guidelines.

"I recommend Yolanda Harris based on her strong performance as editor and writer for the Illinois Department of Employment Security’s Illinois Labor Market Review publication as well as annual reports. Yolanda is especially skilled at translating written material filled with economic jargon and concepts into language that is intelligible and relevant to a general audience.”

-Richard Reinhold, economist, Illinois Department of Employment Security

Writing Samples

*A published article in Citizen on a small local developer in Englewood and the resources of the Cook County Land Bank Authority.

*A published article for the Illinois Department of Human Services' "Healing Illinois" blog, which highlights racial healing activities in Illinois.

*A video on the Chicago Urban League's IMPACT program. Yolanda Y. Harris conducted interviews and wrote the script for this video.

A promotional article on effective job hunting and state of Illinois employment services.

Editing Samples

*A 20-page strategy report for the Forest Preserves of Cook County for land acquisition in southeast Cook County. Yolanda Y. Harris, served as co-editor on a team-driven process led by the Conservation Fund. This report is a 2020 Chicago River Blue Award winner and a 2020 APA-IL 2020  Award winner.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security's annual report  for the Illinois General Assembly. Yolanda Y. Harris wrote the executive summary and organized and edited the content.

A bimonthly online economic journal for the Illinois Department of Employment Security

Yolanda Y. Harris managed the production, content, editing and design of this publication.  

*Note: Samples marked with a star were written by Yolanda Y. Harris in her role as a Rudd Resources consultant.

Written and designed by Yolanda Y. Harris, Communications Strategist