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A Case Study

African-American Male Doctors Inspire Atlanta Youth With Stories of Perseverance

The Challenge:

Three African-American male doctors who were undergraduate students together at Xavier University of Louisiana wrote a book about their journey toward becoming doctors. Their inspiring stories of struggle and perseverance are documented in their book “Pulse of Perseverance,” which was published in 2017. 


The three doctors launched a book tour of schools and churches in Atlanta in August of 2018 to inspire black youth to pursue careers in medicine. Yolanda Y. Harris was hired by Global 360 Marketing to secure earned media coverage of the tour.

The Strategy:


Yolanda Y. Harris pitched media in Atlanta (the destination of the book tour) and the hometowns of the doctors. She also targeted media that appealed to African-American interests.

The Results:

Yolanda Y. Harris secured these national and local earned media placements for the doctor trio in a one-month period:


The cover of the book called "Pulse of Perseverance," written by the three medical doctors featured on the cover: Drs. Joseph Semien Jr., Pierre Johnson and Maxime Madhere  

Written and designed by Yolanda Y. Harris, Communications Strategist