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The Chicago Community Trust's "On The Table" sparks civic engagement and a community of advocacy on Facebook

The Challenge:

The Chicago Community Trust’s "On the Table" is an annual daylong event where thousands of people across Chicagoland participate in community-based civic conversations on issues most important to them. In 2018, The Trust desired to build a social media community centered around On the Table and engage that community in communications that could lead to civic activities.


The Strategy:

As a Rudd Resources consultant, Yolanda Y. Harris developed an editorial calendar for the On the Table blog and managed storytelling and photography for the blog. She wrote and edited stories about people who hosted On the Table conversations and engaged in awesome civic activities.


Yolanda Y. Harris also managed a Facebook and Twitter content calendar for the initiative.  She kept the Facebook group for On the Table participants engaged with posts featuring their civic activities and news about the anticipated On the Table day.



The Results:

Yolanda Y. Harris grew the On the Table Facebook group from zero to 400 followers within a three-month period. Her posts inspired hundreds of conversations within the group and more than 3,000 reactions. In addition, group members supported each other with their civic and advocacy efforts.

Written and designed by Yolanda Y. Harris, Communications Strategist